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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Yet

It's a nice, calm sunny day.  Leave me alone and don't ruin it, Beel.

Look, Beel.  If the snow is too deep at the hitching-post to saddle up there, that should tell you sumpthin about today's ride.

Gosh Beel, I hope THAT MARE isn't too cranky today.  She's RIGHT BEHIND ME!

 At least THE KID is way back there with Nita.

He's been getting pretty upity lately.  I keep having to  remind him that I am the herd boss.  Umm, don't let THE MARE know I said that, 'kay Beel?

Not too bad yet, but I've seen that North slope...

 This is gunna be bad...

Nope, Beel.  This is as far as we can go.

Now wait a thistle pick'n minute Beel.  We are off the trail!  We could get eaten by that RobertCat hanging around here earlier this week.  Not that I'm a skeered, of course...


Bill in here- after a little cross-country work on the southern slope, Juanita and I took the horses back to their corral.  They seemed to enjoy the outing, no matter how brief.

For the most part, anyway.

Bill (And Ranger)


  1. Love the ride, Beel! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you don't have these hurricane winds like us.. Oy

  2. Did Ranger say "I told you so" about the northern slope?

  3. Beel!! How could you be so cruel? lol

  4. Beel, if my quad ever starts narrating posts about our adventures, I'm going to pack it in.....

    just saying..... LOL


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