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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On Unicorns

I hear there's a unicorn club out there.  You know, those of you with white horses with LOTS of hair that like to flaunt they have LOTS of hair - and love to shake that hair at stuff that gets in their way?  I am submitting this picture to see what you all think.  Does this "blue roan pinto mare" have enough to get us in this elite club?
Hopefully you can tell mane from snow...
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Jesse's isn't as long as Dixie's, but it's thick and I refuse to pull it.

  2. That's a thick, white mane for sure! My gray too has plenty of "white" hair - but it's the all over the body kind! Then - it transfers to me - no matter what I do, I walk away looking like a hairy monster!

    1. Yeah, we have that all over body kind, too. When I hang my coat up, later there is a pile of long white hair on the floor underneath it - after I thought I had it all brushed off!

  3. there is a one up on you LOL, my quad doesn't shed...:)
    And if it is white? Why would you call it a blue Roan?
    Horses are just too complicated..... *snort*

    1. It's a blue roan pinto, and it's white because it's a gray. NOT KIDDING.


  4. Ok. Pretty close. The horn is a litle far left. LOL


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