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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Stroll Through the Neighborhood

A couple of days ago, things looked like this:  lots of frozen fog on the trees, houses, horses ...
... and the horses looked like this:   extra fuzzy (can you say 'brown bear'?)
 That was when the temp high for the day was 24*.  Yesterday, the high was 54* and we brushed buckets full of hair off the horses.  Today, the temp was somewhere in-between, but the sun was bright and the breeze was small - so we went for a stroll around the neighborhood.
Still some icy patches on the road; each of the horses had some slide time, but they are all well balanced and barefoot, so they even seemed to have fun.  Bill is on Ranger, leading Jesse.
The blue sky was wonderful to see and the air was so fresh ....
We've hit the southern section of the two mile loop, so a lot more dry dirt ....
The last section is paved, which is where we like to 'file' the horses' feet.  We did a good foot check when we got back.  Everyone's hooves looked great - except for very long hoof walls.  Their feet are so darn hard, Bill couldn't even make much headway with the file!  I guess that means we will just have to ride them more to wear them down.  Darn!!!!


  1. It really looks beautiful! I could almost smell the the fresh clean air. Rangers ears will never cease to amaze me. Such character in those things. Jesse looks really good too.

  2. Wow, exact same weather here, but our snow all melted. Love the pictures of the ride!

  3. A great ride! Very beautiful. By the way...we have no snow...60 degrees...:)

  4. I so hear you on the rock-hard hooves. The thaw will help a tiny bit - that's about the only good thing standing in mud does, but it DOES make it easier to trim!


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