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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quick Story

Just a quick story I heard years ago.

  A guy ran into a bar one night.  Wild eyed and shaking he ordered a double, slammed it down and ordered another.

The bartender asked him, "So, what's up fella?  You look like you've seen a ghost."

The customer replied, "Something just happened to me.  I... I just can't believe it.  I was driving down that empty stretch of   Highway 68 when my car quit running.  Ran poorly for a couple minutes, and then died completely.  It would start and run for a moment, but when I pressed on the gas, it would die."

He had another swallow and then continued, "I climbed out of the car and popped the hood.  Suddenly, from the darkness beside the road I heard a voice."   "It's your fuel filter" said the voice beyond the fence.

"I looked over and only saw a couple of horses standing at the fence line staring at me.  No one else.   I asked, "Excuse me?"  and then one of the horses spoke to me!  He said, " It's your fuel filter.  Take it out, blow backwards through it, put it back in.  It should last until you get into town".  Then both of the horses walked away into the darkness."  "I did as he told me, the car started, and I just drove to town!"

The bartender asked, "This about 15 miles west of town?  White horse and a black horse?"  "Yes!" replied the drinker.  The bartender asked, "Which horse?"  The customer thought a moment and said, "It was the black one."

The bartender said, "Man are you lucky.  That white horse doesn't know BEANS about cars."



  1. I heard the sorrel will change your tire...

  2. Ha ha hah ahahaha! I like that one!

  3. LOL - laughing my elbutts off! That is hilarious!


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