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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Escape from Kanopolis

After finishing the ride in Kanopolis, Juanita and I un-tacked the horses and cooked a meal.  I don't remember what it was, but I'm sure it was wonderful.  So far the stay at the campground had been perfect, and so had the vacation, except for the cold that had gotten hold of me. 

Yes, yes.  I know that getting cold and wet will not REALLY give you a cold, but...

We went to the shower house to see if a hot shower would warm us up.  The men's shower room was clean and well kept, but the showers themselves were not hot and cold running water.  They weren't  warm and cold.  Nope, not even luke and cold.  They were cool  and cold running water.  Did have lots of pressure, though.  So I blasted the sand and mud out of my ears and hair as best as I could, and then fled the shower room.  Juanita said the women's was no warmer.  We made it back to the trailer and turned in for the night.

By morning I was really feeling pretty punk.  It was a cold, dreary and rainy day and we didn't much feel like breaking camp, so we figured we would just hang out at the state park another day before going to stay with our friends in Missouri.

So, it's now about 1:pm, and we are sitting at camp, drinking coffee, when Juanita notices the horses are all staring intently off in the distance.  A horse trailer was pulling  into the camp grounds.   No, there were two of them!  Wait- three, four, five...

Arg!  It's an invasion!  Our quiet, "just us" campground was being overrun!  Happy, giggling, twittering horse women were piling out of trucks, unloading horses and filling all available corals.

We really, truly, love our work at the lodge.  But for just a couple days, we were DONE with seeing happy vacationers.

It took us 45 minutes to pack, load up the horses and flee.

We were on the road for EVER (according to the horses) and well after midnight finally stopped at a rest area to, well, rest.   We couldn't unload the horses (according to the signs at the rest stop), so we just parked so they could at least stand quietly for a couple of hours, and we slept in the trailer for a bit.

We called our friends to let them know we would be about 10 hours early.  We called them to let them know that about 1/2 hour before we got there.  I can be a jerk like that.  They were very gracious and didn't lock the doors and hide.

I would have.



  1. I'm sure they were happy to get the extra time with y'all. Feel better, Bill!

  2. I understand, I would have fled too when all those trailers showed up. There is something nice about privacy(and silence), especially when you are around people all the time. Can't wait for the next Post to see what happens. Hoping your cold was short-lived.


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