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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Well, it's 42* and sunny here in southern AZ .. and I just heard on the weather channel that it was 20* and snowing in Denver, which means probably colder in Allenspark, since we are 3000' higher!  Our last day here and we are planning a ride to Ft. Bowie in the Chiricauhua Mts.  The guys are catching and saddling horses as I type this; us 'girls' are supposed to be packing a picnic lunch.

I just wanted to show you the fun stuff we have been doing.  A and I spent a couple days playing with Christmas chocolates - namely homemade chocolate covered cherries and chocolate mice. 

 We thought the kiddo would have fun helping with the mice.  Aren't they cute?  Did you notice that they were also disappearing pretty fast - but that's what they were for.
These will get to help grace Christmas platters in both AZ and CO.

Well, horses are being loaded in the trailer, so ..
Adios from sunny AZ.
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. I love the Chircauhua's...but then I love pretty much all of AZ.

  2. love the food, making me hungry just looking at it xx

  3. Mmm! I love choco-covered cherries! Those mice are cute, but the red eyes are a little scary. lol!

    Good to hear you're enjoying some nice rides down there in the warmer weather.



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