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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Late Night Guest

A couple weeks ago, we had some sort of unknown nocturnal visitor come and bug the horses.

Our oldest daughter, the "GunDiva", took exception to any local wildlife bothering the horses and remaining anonymous, so she purchased a game camera for us to post by the horses.


I set the camera up about 30' from the horses feeder thinking they would be far enough away to not trigger the camera.

I was wrong.

During that 24 hour period, I got 1124 pictures of horses eating.  That is One Thousand One Hundred Twenty Four pictures of our horses eating their hay.


I reset the camera to take pictures only at night, and Juanita repositioned the camera slightly away from the feeder.

During the next 2 nights, it only took 30 pictures.  Better.  And a couple of them were of an intruder.

I figure the coyote was chasing a mouse in the flake of hay on the ground.

Or maybe he was eating the horses hay.

That would explain why the horses were so pi$$ed off...



  1. Wow, I'm impressed that your horses didn't break through the fence to escape. I guess they're tough mustangs who are used to coyotes.

  2. LOL!!! Now you now the most intimate details of your horses nocturnal life :-) The Coyote looks nice & healthy!

  3. Hey, that's pretty neat! Well, not the coyote so much,(I'm pretty sure that is how my cat Buddy met his demise) but the fact that you can see the goings on around there at night. I bet you get some pretty cool pictures. I look forward to it! Maybe Ranger actually walks upright when no one's watching...

  4. Haha. That is really cool. Love those cameras. Obviously they don't work very well because you didn't catch me out there at midnight sneaking the horses some more oats. And I'm hard to miss! Better go get a new one...LOL

  5. So cool what those cameras catch! Too bad you didn't catch the lynx!

    And no matter what the coyote was doing... messing with HAY is a punishable offense in horseland.


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