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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Light Snow

We have had a light, continuous snow falling for a couple of days now.  Six or seven inches of wet snow.  It's a REALLY wet snow.  You know, the kind that makes killer snowballs that when you whop your brother/sister with it makes them cry?  GOOD snow.

Not good riding weather.   So, I do what any good horse owner does when you can't ride.

I break out the horse gear catalogs.

B- Hey Ranger, I need to get some more wormer for you.

R-  No Beel.

B-  This stuff is cheap.
R- Tastes bad Beel.

B-  These guys gave me a ball cap.
R-  Tastes bad Beel.

B-  This is apple flavored, Ranger
R-  You must not have ever eated an apple Beel.

B-  Okay, so no wormer today.  How about a new head stall?
B-  Look!  It's got 2 bits!  You would be a 2 bit horse!  Would that make you a quarter horse, Ranger?

R-  It would not be good for you to try to put that in my mouth Beel.  Not good at all.

B-  How about a new halter?

B-  Get it Ranger?  It looks like a halter that...oh, never mind.

R- No.

B-  How about a set of these?  In case you are feeling a little "light headed"?  Get it Ranger? Light head? Little?

R-  Stop now Beel.

B-  Say now!  You'd be styling in this!
 R-  That may be your worst idea ever Beel.

B-  Wait!  I found it!


B-  Ranger?        Ranger?

R-  Here Beel.  I finded a shirt for you to wear.
 R-  It says  "Kick me"

B-  You know, since I own horses, maybe a tattoo...


  1. I think cabin fever has definitely set in :)

  2. I think the snow and being stuck inside makes you funny. Probably cuz you just got released...from the funny farm.

    Poor Ranger. What he has to put up with. LOL

  3. Get Real! This too shall pass! Guess I'm not the only one getting unindated w/catalogs!

  4. I often write lol, but I don't actually. With your posts Bill, I do. Lmao. Wait, it's actually still there. Lol

  5. The worst idea ever one... yeah. Kinda freaky!

    And Light Headed.



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