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Thursday, June 13, 2013

It Could Have Been Worse

This is Ranger.  The horse.

At the last some dark times ago many peoples were at the people barn.  I heared some of them say that there was a weeding.  And a man and woman were getting buried.  Every one seemed very happy.  I do not understand.

When all of the peoples left the barn, Beel and Waneeta comed over and sayed we were going on a walk.

"Weddings are tough, Ranger.  We need some time outside now.  Let's check out the trail to Calipso Cascades in the national park."

Beel put the chair on my back and the iron bar in my mouth.  Waneeta put the chair on That Mares back and the iron bar in That Mares mouth.  Then we went for a walk.  When the peoples just sit on our backs and use the head ropes it is only a short walk. When the chairs are on our backs I know we are going for a long long walk. 

I like short walks.  I do not like long long walks.  They are hard and it is a long time before you can roll and make the itchies go away.

We started to walk down the rocky-dirt-car-road to go to the the far away trail.  This was not a good thing.  I tried to show Beel how to get home faster by going into the neighbors yards to turn around.  I tried to go into EVERY YARD and he never understanded what I was showing him.

He is not smart.

"You nitwit!  Stop it.  We are going to Calipso Cascades."

After a long enough walk on the dirt-car-road we got to the too long skinny trail.  I telled him-This is the last time to turn around Beel.  But we keeped on going.

Not smart at all.

I gived up.  We were going for a too long walk.

"Man, it's about time you settled down, Ranger!"

I think the trail does not end.

We walked next to a tree that had scratches on the outside.

"Look at that!  A bear climbed that tree and dug it up good!"

He is not there now Beel.  Why are you looking.

We did pass some crazy things on the trail.

 We passed some logs stacked under the trail.  Beel sayed they were there so the trail did not fall down the hill.  I did not like that very much.

"Hey Ranger,  we're within a half mile of the Cascades!"

This is not a good thing Beel.  The log is in my way.

Beel taked the chair off of my back so I would be shorter and could walk under the log.

Have I sayed Beel is not smart?

Beel put the chair on my back again and we turned around to go home.

"Jeeze Ranger, I still think you could have gone under it if you had just TRIED"

Going home we went over the stacked logs again.

I runned fast so the trail would not fall down the hill.

We finally stopped for a picnic.

"Wow Ranger, just look at that view!"

Picnic Beel.  I can not eat view.

"Well, Ranger, Juanita made me a peanut butter on tortilla with honey rather than tobasco sauce so I could share with you."

"You get a bite too, Jesse"

We finally gotted home so I could roll and make the itchies go away.

It would have been much faster if Beel had just listened to me.

He is not smart. 

Except for the peanut butter and honey thingy.  That was a good idea.

Ranger.  The horse.


  1. I dunno... the long walk sounds lovely to me.

    1. It would have been better with no one on my back.

      Ranger. The horse.

  2. To: Ranger, the horse.

    Are the forest fires a good distance from you?
    Will you be OK?

    Summer Breeze - the Rocky Mountain Horse

    1. The fires are many miles from me. I can not even smell them. Beel sayed the closest one would have to cross the top of the mountain to get to us. And the snow"12 feet" deep up there. That is 2 horses tall. I could not cross that and I am good in snow.

      Ranger. The horse.

  3. To: Ranger - the Horse.
    From Summer Breeze - the rocky Mountain Horse

    what did you mean THAT MARE. I am mare. I am pretty and a like you.

    Don't you like mares?


    1. That Mare is different from The Other Mare. I can push The Other Mare around and take her food sometimes.

      That Mare gives me The Look if I try with her.

      Ranger. The horse.

  4. Fun times, even if you didn't think so Ranger.

  5. Hi! Just letting you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award, see the post here ->

  6. Aww. That was awesome! Great ride! I am sure the honey treat was the best part. Maybe Beel should bring more of those next time.


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