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Friday, June 7, 2013

Llama, llama

First I have to say thank you to a very special person who sent us these cookies.  Haven't eaten them yet - 'cause they are just too darn cute!  The two 'Rambos' go to the GunDiva & JayBird - but aren't the cowboy squirrels great?!

Yesterday, just prior to the farrier arriving, a pretty, newer, red horse trailer was pulled up to the livery across the road.  We saw movement inside the trailer, then ignored it as the driver headed toward the livery office.  Anton, his apprentice, and I walked to the corral next to the livery to find the horses very intently watching the new trailer.  Anton chose the spot where he wanted to trim the horses when the two grays got very excited - as the trailer door swung open and out climbed llamas.  Under my breath I uttered, "Ah-oh."

Anton (incredulous):  "Your horses aren't trained to llamas?"

Me: " That's not the problem.  I think they know these guys; they lived here last summer.  This is an old friend greeting; they could be pretty excitable.  It should be fun getting them to stand quietly."

It turned out fine; they each settled in when asked.  I think they were just so surprised to see the llamas getting out of a horse trailer because last year, they were transported in the back of a pickup truck with
panels on it.

Today, we took Queen Estes and Ranger out for a short stroll on the mountain; passing the llama pen was so mundane, I'm not sure why I took the camera. 
When I looked at our pictures, I realized a good deal of the snow is now gone from Meeker Mt.  Just a couple weeks ago, that mountain looked like this...

Tomorrow, we will try the grays - which could be a lot more fun since Washoe thinks they are attack animals, and the llamas are now in a newly built pen that the horses have to walk beside at the very beginning of the horse path to the road.
All three of the new neighbors.

Estes seems quite happy with her new shoes.  She and Ranger had a great ride...and when we got home, Bill put them to work mowing the yard.  These two senior citizens really look over-worked!

Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Very cool! Loved your ride. Looked like a beautiful day. And coookiiiees. (best Cookie Monster voice)

    1. They are in the freezer right now, for safe keeping until GunDiva gets hers.

  2. How fun! Are those llamas going to be doing pack work? I love llamas! I trained my two llamas to carry packs and go hiking with me. Next I want to be able to pony a llama off of my horse so I can let the llama carry all my extra gear when we go horse camping up in the forest.
    My mare thinks the llamas belong to her and tries to herd them around...but my poor mare! The llamas don't really appreciate being herded around and sometimes tell her off by spitting at her. lol!


  3. Those poor, overworked senior citizens. Abuse, I tell you, abuse!

    Estee looks good. Hope her feetsies are still happy when I get up there tomorrow.

  4. Ummm, beautiful country to ride in.

  5. mowing lawns is really hard work, or at least that is what my ponies say.

  6. Gorgeous views! Happy horsies!

    We have several alpaca farms nearby - I'm not sure what Kona would make of them if we took a ride down there?!?

    And YAY for cute cookies!!! Didn't they taste good too?? I loved how they turned out!


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