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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One of Our Neighbors Wanted our Manure Pile

One of our neighbors wanted our manure pile for a firebreak/meadow he was putting on his property.  So we haven't had our manure pile hauled off in a couple years now.  He got the new road cut on his property so the "stuff" could be hauled and spread.

Yesterday was scooping day.

It had been several years since THE PILE had been hauled out so it was as big as it has ever gotten.  And this may be the biggest front-end loader our horses have ever seen.  We weren't to worried about how Washoe and Jesse would react- they are usually just interested in what is happening, not afraid of it.  Ranger, on the other hand doesn't much like big strange new stuff.  So we peeked in on them in their little pen, right next to THE PILE.  The front end loader hauled stuff out for a half hour.  No reaction from any of them.

They just ignored it.

I later asked Ranger why that big yellow monster didn't scare him.

                         "It was on the other side of the fence Beel."
                        "It is against the rules to go through a fence Beel."

Yes, it is.


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