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Friday, August 9, 2013

Weather or Not

B-  Hey Ranger!  Let's go for a quick ride with Juanita and Jesse over in the national forest!

R-  Okay Beel.

B-  Well, darn.  It's starting to rain.  Eh, just a little.  Let's go anyway.

R- Okay Beel.

B-  It's starting to rain a little harder.  Let's pick up the pace a little, Buddy.

R- Okay Beel.

B-  Wow- the rain is coming down pretty good now, and the sky is getting pretty dark.   Juanita,  maybe we should head back.  No Ranger, not that way.  Stay on the trail.  Stop heading for the trees.  We're going home now.  Stop heading off trail, we're heading back *Ow*!  That's hail!

R- Yes Beel.  Now can we go stand under the tree?

B-  Okay Ranger.


  1. Crazy weather! Ranger looks disgruntled. LOL. Tell Juanita she looks awesome!

    1. Maybe it's because Beel makes him go out in the bad weather and it ruins his makeup.

  2. Shoulda listened to your horse, Beel.


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