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Sunday, August 25, 2013

YouTube Thingy

A friend of mine sent me this link.

I don't normally use other folks material on our blog, but after watching this film short, I came to a realization.

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with us.



  1. That was a great video, very powerful! And yes, there is something wrong with YOU but when you lump everything into US, I think you might be trying to rope RANGER into a category also. Because...Juanita is perfectly coolio and BIONIC. saying there is something wrong with you and Ranger, is well..moot. :)

  2. Okay. being a lifelong horseman, its very hard to describe to people on why I cannot give up having horses in my life.

    This just explained it perfectly.

    and explains that we must have all fell on our heads at some point or hit our head on a jump standard at some point or bumped our head into a fence panel at some point or... LOL

  3. That's a Big "Me Too" seems even my daughters will never understand why the equine species has such a hold on my heart...


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