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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zoo Day

It was April 1st this week and even though we are still getting lots of snow (five inches last night), it seemed like we should do something 'spring-like'.  When Nebalee mentioned taking some of the younger kids to the zoo for Spring Break, we sort of invited ourselves along.   It had been years since Bill and I had been to the Denver Zoo and it is always a favorite.... with lots of changes since our last trip.

There are new 'attractions' at the entrance, like these metal statues that capture the heart and get you prepared for what's ahead.  We saw the real items later in the afternoon.
And how much cuter can warthogs get?
Here's the real item - not exactly a Disney scene, this one.
We finally got everyone gathered together - inside - the gates and started off.
One of the little ones with us was in a body cast and wheel chair; two weeks ago she had a hip restructured and has to be in a cast for 12 weeks.  Never a sound of complaint out of her; what a trooper!

The first exhibit we came to were a couple of hornbills - displaying signs of spring courtship.

In the same exhibit, watching very carefully, these deer-type critters seem almost mesmerized.  The one in the back is one of the zoo's new babies.
And of course, strolling the fence next door...were these two cheetahs.   ???
By this time it is mid-morning and Papa Bill 'needs a rest, but his feet are too short to reach the ground'.  Asset is not buying his story, but is willing to entertain him on the bench.
What's a good zoo without a monkey house ....

....which was remodeled just three years after our lodge was built...and has lots of monkeys.
While us older ones were being entertained by these guys, the younger ones found that a 'hands on' experience was much more exciting.  Really - a goose?

Just shows you where the priorities are!  Fortunately for them, there was a great surprise in store.  One of the friends with us has a relative who works in the bird section of the zoo.  We met her just before lunch and she introduced us to her favorite buddy, Imok.
 This flamingo was hand raised and just LOVES any human attention she can get, so of course most wanted their chance to snuggle with her.
Nebelle, giggling because it tickles to have a bird poke its beak into your armpit.
The younger kids weren't in the least intimidated by this brightly colored bird on stilts, in fact....
I was beginning to think we would have to leave the youngest there.  He kept going back for more snuggles.  At least he and the bird matched.
Neither was the bird intimidated by the wheel chair; she brought lots of smiles this day.

Even Papa Bill had to get in on the act!

It was very gracious of this lady to spend so much time with us and the kids, explaining how the birds eat, answering all their questions, letting us invade her workspace and giving the birds extra treats to show the kids.

When the other flamingos realized treats were involved, they wanted to come see, too.
This is what 73 flamingos look like inside their winter quarters.  They are scheduled to be put back outside in a couple of weeks, when the temperatures are a little more moderate.
It's a little difficult following a class act like that, so we opted for lunch, and found a nice picnic table outside the pachyderm pavilion.  We finished our picnic just in time to see the afternoon elephant demo.  Meet Dolly, the audience loving elephant.  Her favorite trick seems to be holding her trunk in her mouth.

That's the end of a 'runway' she is standing on and she hogged it all to herself for the entire show.  Apparently, the other elephants don't trust her to not throw them into the water - and it's cold right now.

Across from the elephants were a couple Somali Wild Asses.  They spent a lot of time chasing each other around their huge enclosure.  They made me think of a cross between a long-ears and a zebra.
We saw this strange site; a zoo keeping snuggling with a rhino.  Now that's a face only a true animal lover could like.  It's good to see that there seems to be real fondness between the animals and their caretakers here at the Denver Zoo.
We got to see the youngest member out on exhibit; an Okapi.  It looks like a baby zebra that got its front end dipped in dark ink.
He even had an official birth announcement.  He's barely two months old.
Finally, the live giraffes; much more elegant than the ones at the entrance.
The littlest member of our group was getting tired by now, so Kyzer took over the chair controls.  All the kids were so good the whole time.

We had promised Asset that we would look for turtles, so we headed for the Tropical exhibit and made a quick run through.  The little rays caused some fascination; they put on a show while the kids watched.
Then it was time to head for home.  Bill and I made a fast run into the 'cat house'.  These Servels curled up in their food dish looked just like we were beginning to feel.

 It was a very full, busy day; this was only a portion of the animals we saw.  I guess we should go more often.
Bionic Cowgirl

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  1. It looks like you had a good time. I'm a zoo nut and when I saw the title of your blog post on NuzzlingMuzzle's blog I had to come over and see. Nice pictures! The deer with the longer necks are called Gerenuk, which means "giraffe neck" in Somalian. Also, the two cats you wondered if they were Cheetahs, yes, they are. Denver Zoo is one I'd like to visit in the near future.


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