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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

They're Home!

Today we brought the horses home!  All of a sudden I feel energized; what a difference it makes to have them where we can go touch them and love on them.  They did their normal whinnying when they got out of the trailer and stood looking toward their corral - announcing their arrival.

And what do you do when you find all this lovely snow in your pen?  You make snow Pegasus!

It took all of 15 minutes to catch them and load them in the trailer - even Ranger.  He tried half-heartedly to make it exciting, but ended up cornering himself in a small area with Jesse, Washoe and I blocking the only exit.  He could easily have smashed through us but chose to stick his nose in the halter Bill was holding and walk nonchalantly to the trailer.  He can be good, it just has to be his choice.  I hope they are as happy to be here as we are to have them.

Bionic Cowgirl


  1. They look so good! Their "winter vacation" with Rancher's Daughter is always so good for them, but I bet they're as happy to be home as you're happy to have them home.

  2. Ranger looks so nice standing there! I bet it's good to have them home.

  3. Catching up on Posts - So happy to hear your horses are back home with you. I will be bringing my horse, whom I boarded over the winter at a local barn, home this weekend to join the guys here at home. I totally understand the joy of being able to walk out your door and touch them or gaze at them out the window and am looking forward to having them all back home again! :)


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