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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rode Trip

B-  Hey Ranger!  We have a lodge full of "scrap-bookers" that would like to meet you.  Let's go into the lodge before we go for a ride.

R-  Okay Beel.

R-  There is something here Beel.

R-  You have snacks.  That is good.
B-  You dope!  Don't eat the houseplants.  It will probably make you sick.

R-  I only eated a small some.  I will eat more tomorrow if I do not get a belly hurt.

B-  No you won't.  We're outa here.

B-  All righty, let's go for a ride with Compass, the manager of the livery next door.  She wants go go out with her horse Eli, and a new addition to the livery, Blue.

R-  I have meeted the horse she is sit on.  He was part of my herd.  I do not know the following horse.  His head is bigger than all of me.

B-  That's the new Percheron cross, Blue.

R- He is big,

B-  Yup.  She's ponying him to get him used to the trails up here.  And speaking of trails, here we go!

R-  I do not think the big one will fit.

B-  He'll be fine.  But the trail is pretty snow drifted.   HEY COMPASS,  LET"S HEAD BA...

R-  The one she is sitting on falled down in the snow.  Now he is up.  Now he is down.  Now he is up.  Down.  Up.  I think he is staying up now.  He is walking with an ouch.

B-  Compass!  You Okay?  Yeah, Eli is limping on both hinds.  Good thing you brought a spare.  Man, Eli is a big horse but your saddle just BARELY fits Blue!  And there is NO WAY your bridle will go even halfway up his nose.  You say you've never ridden him before?  Well, maybe if we clip one of the reins to the side of his halter, you will at least get stop.  Okay let's mosey.

R-  The nice neighbor lady almost could not get up to the top of the big horse.

B-  It was quite a stretch, that's a fact.  A Percheron cross makes for a big 'un.

R-  The one in the little truck is staring at us.  I do not think he has seen horses before.

B-  Well, maybe just not loose ones. 

B-  Okay, Eli is walking fine now that we have made it back to the livery.  Let's drop him off, grab a bridle that will fit Blue, and just ride around the block.

B-  Wow.  You only have ONE bridle that will fit that jug head of his, and it's a closed, driving headstall?  Well, let's see how he does with blinders.

R-  He is big Beel.

B-  All right Ranger, we're back home.  Even got in a short lope.  It was kind of like cantering next to a freight train.

R-  I understand why they are called  Perch-up-ons.  But he did not seem very cross to me.

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  1. Love it! Great giggles! He is a funny horse that Ranger.


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