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Thursday, March 3, 2016

And So It Goes.

B-  Hay Ranger!  How's it going, buddy?

R-  Hello Beel.  Do you have any treats?

B-  You betcha.  Here is an apple chunk.

R-  That was good.  Do you have more?

B-  Sure thing.  Have another.  I have your new halter here...

R-  Nope.

B-  Ahhh, come back here.  I just want to brush you a bit and see if the halter you got for Christmas fits.

R-   Nope.

B-  Now, why can you be SO GOOD about some things and SUCH A JERK about others?

R-  Apples are good.  Head ropes are bad.

B-  We need a rule here.  If I show up with the halter, you walk up to me. Okay?

R-  Nope.

B-  Come on Ranger, you understand rules.  For instance, once you are caught you are a perfect gentleman.  And if a gate is left open, you won't go through uninvited. Last week all three other horses stepped over the low hotwire in the pasture and ran off.  You just stood there and hollered at them.

R-  They had a very bad idea.

B-  But they came right up to us when we called and let us put their halters on them.

R-  They had another bad idea.

B-  Okay, next time I'm bringing my rope to catch you with.  I haven't thrown a loop in about 12 years since I tore my rotator cuff, but I'll give it a shot.

R-  Beel.

B-  Yes?

R-  You are having a bad idea.

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