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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Weight a Minute

B-  Ranger!  Jesse!  Washoe!   TREATS!

B-  Hey Washoe.  Here, Juanita will give you some dried pancakes.  Boy, your gut makes you look pregnant.

B-  Jesse!  You can have some.  Wow.  You're looking preggers, too.  At least you are a mare...

B-  Jeeze.  Ranger is still way out there.

B-   Ranger!  Drag your portly, pot belly over here and I'll give you some treats!

R-  I am going to where you are Beel.  Be more calm.

B-  Howdy Ranger.  How's my horse doing?  You guys are all putting on the pounds here on winter pasture.  This hay field is starting to green up.  We need to move you off it and take you all back home.

R-  This is a good place to be Beel.  It has foods. It has waters. It has no head ropes.  It has no back chairs.

B-  You're getting soft with your time off, old man.  Next week we'll get you three back up the mountain and start riding.  

R-  I like being at this place Beel.  It has nice neighbors.

B-  Those are pigs, Ranger.  You are sharing your water trough with pigs.

R-  They are nice.  They do not say we are being fat. 

B-  Pigs are expected to be fat.  Horses, not so much.  You need to go on a diet.

R-  Where do I go to get on that?  

B-  No no.  A diet is when you eat less food and lose some weight.

R-  Oh.  A die eat.  I do not want go climb on that.  It is called starving.  It is bad.

B-  Now, there is no way we would let you starve...

R-  Good.  I will stay here.  With the nice pigs. 

B-  No sir, next week you all are heading home to limited rations.

R- It is okay if I am fat.  You sit on me.  I almost never sit on you.  
R- You should go home and die eat.


  1. The wisdom of Ranger always astounds me.

  2. +1 TeresaA. Loved this. Ranger is wise beyond his years. I find it also amusing that Beel still thinks he can win an argument with him. SNORK!


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