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Friday, January 15, 2010

January Recipe

Mud pies

  4 cups dirt
  2 cups water

mix dirt and water, mold into roundish shape
let dry in sun

This is all I got.  Man, I wish Juanita would post something tastier.



  1. Ummm, if you let them dry, they're not mud pies anymore. They're round bricks. If you mix in a little manure and straw, you can call it adobe and build things with it. Plus, more fiber to keep you regular!

  2. Deejo, the trick is to serve it while it still has a gooey center.

  3. That said from someone who prefers "crispy", i.e. almost burnt, to gooey! I've tried posting a recipe 3 times and blogspot doesn't like some sort of hidden characters. Computers - grrrrr!


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