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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Rare Sighting

We were headed home yesterday, after a jaunt into Loveland.  As we rounded the corner past the quarry, Bill said, "There's the horses!"  What a great surprise.  Only about once a year, do we get to see them down close to the road, just across the river.  They don't have to come down for water with all the snow on the ground right now and some drinking areas much closer to their favorite hangouts.  We pulled over quickly and got out to "talk", but Cannon, not used to car doors, took off at a run and the others followed.  By the time I could get the truck door open and get out, they were up on the bluff.  I yelled at Jesse and Washoe anyway, and they actually turned the herd and headed back, stopping at the edge of the cliff.  After looking at us for a couple of minutes, they finally slithered on down for lots of hugs.  We managed to split two little granola bars among five horses (3 opted out of sliding down the embankment, waiting on top for the rest to come back.)  It took us a really long time to quit smiling after that!

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