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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stock Show Time

Made our first trip of the season to the National Western Stock Show yesterday.  Yes, another probable trip is planned for later this week, to see the big boys:  the draft horses.  A close friend of ours is in charge of the big boys while at the NWSS, so we have to make the effort.  Never mind we love those gentle giants and are always totally amazed at what they do, so if the storms don't get too bad up here on the mountain, the plan is to watch the draft horse pulls and six-horse hitches on Thurs.

Yesterday, we met up with one daughter and her kids and headed off to see Super Dogs.  Due to some car issues, we arrived after the start, so we discovered we could get some last minute rodeo tickets for the matinee performance.  Ducked into the arena just as the pre-show was finishing up.  Love the rodeo!  Even had a special treat when Trevor Brazil, the 7-time World Champion Cowboy, roped his calf a full second faster than the fastest time this season.  He is on his way to his 8th Championship, topping Ty Murrey, who quit after seven.  We've watched Trevor at the Wrangle National Finals in Las Vegas, but you seldom get to see these greats at the beginning of the rodeo season.  To be a champion "cowboy", you need the highest average in several events, which means you might not "win" individual events, but you compete in several (usually 4) and your "average" in each is higher.  It does mean you need to place fairly high in each of the chosen events, hence making you and all-around cowboy.

We then walked around some of the child animal displays, stopped at my favorite book stall (collecting more reading material, of course), and tried to locate some horses in the horse arena.  Only saw a few but did have a nice conversation with one of the Denver Mounted Patrol while watching a couple of their horses trying to relax in their tiny stalls.  He said the hardest part for them was being confined, since they usually have lots of runs to play in plus their time on the streets.  We certainly understand that!

I tried to get some pictures of the One Armed Bandit and his buffalo during the special show, but it was too dark and we were too far away.  So you will just need to go see them for yourselves.  Had a fun, relaxing afternoon in absolutely wonderful, non-stock show type weather.  Won't complain about the nice sunny day, since it looks like the next trip will be back to ice.

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