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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Autobot's Birthday Ride

Our granddaughter "Autobot's" birthday is in March; not good for riding our rough terrain, so we promised her she could take a friend riding when the weather turned good. Finally, the day came (after 2 postponements for weather) and we headed out.
 Jesse wasn't sure about the extra, wiggly girls explaining she needed to follow that brown and white horse in front of her...and just who does that horse think she is being in front?!  Thanks to the Livery across the road for the loan of Gizmo, a wonderful little pinto who charmed grandson "Kyzzer" right to death on the whole ride.
Soon we were well on our way with a happy crowd.
How's this for proper equitation?  Once Jesse realized Dys wasn't falling off whenever this happened, she plodded along like the great horse she is.  The girls were so intent on their conversation, I think they forgot they were on a horse. LOL
This is 3 happy girls motoring down the trail.
After looking back at this view for too long (notice the leg out), I finally asked, "What's wrong?  Are you just trying that hard to keep your foot in the stirrup?"  The kindly wrangler had tried to adjust the stirrups to fit without going to the kiddie-ups, so Kyzzer was trying his darnedest to use them.  I told him to kick his feet out and enjoy the ride.
This is a much happier camper, sitting level and a big smile from here on out!
Happy belated birthday, Autobot!  Love you,
Grandma & Papa-razzi


  1. now that is quite a birthday present...

    hope the papa---razzi didn't spoil it to much....*grin*

  2. Looks like a marvelous time! Nothing beats a kid-safe horse! :)

    So... do I get Gizmo???


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