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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Barebackin' with Autobot

The Autobot granddaughter had put in her first day of work for us this year and was ready to go riding.  We decided to bareback on the grays around town.  We have a 1.5-2 mile loop that we do, so off we went.  Yesterday, GunDiva and RCC had come up for a ride but both Estes and Washoe were being more than a bit bratty, so instead of riding, both horses got to spend considerable time standing at the rail, saddled.  Not happy campers.  They were plenty ready to go out, with Washoe having been ridden at least 2-3 hours each day for the last 3 days.  I think he was just fine-tuned and raring to go...just a bit too much.  It's amazing how much they can calm down when they have to stand a bit.  Today, I rode Washoe and he couldn't have been more of a gentleman.  We had a great, albeit short, ride.  Take a look at this happy face.


  1. Yep hitching me up to the rail all tacked up settles me down too....LOL

    the benefit of that is when that happens I can somewhat successfully argue away my ability to get to the honey do list....LOL

  2. Brat is a bit of an understatement. Estee I could handle, but there was no way on the planet that I would have taken my novice rider husband up on the mountain with the Wonder Idiot at his finest.

    Grrr...glad he behaved better for you.


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