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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lodge Breakfasts

   We serve a pretty good breakfast here at the lodge.  "Family style mountain breakfast" our ad copy says. We ring a brass bell and everyone comes down and sits around a couple big tables and we pass the platters of food around.  I tell folks we're not trying for the best breakfast they have ever had, because that should be the first one they had with their current significant other, that first morning together.  You remember, the one with the weak coffee and burnt toast?  "Yeah, the GREATEST, honey! "   We shoot for "Best Lately" or maybe "Top Ten This Year". 

   Rules for our recipes are:
1) Its gotta taste good.
2) Its gotta be easy and consistent to prepare
   And most importantly-
3) Its gotta make good leftovers

   We eat a lot of leftover breakfast foods, so our breakfast menu will often contain ... well... "different" foods.  Bacon and scrambled eggs are far less likely to show up than Huevos Rancheros and sausage cheese balls.  But when we do cook pancakes or waffles, we always cook extras.  Our horses love them.  I mean REALLY love them.  Leftover breakfast "biscuits" make them all very happy.

Beats the socks off of burned toast, right buddy?



  1. Save some leftovers for me. I love breakfast food even though I don't cook it or have it cooked for me very often. A good batch of biscuits are hard to beat. Grandma's biscuits and gravy with sausage and bacon was always my fave.

  2. CheekyMare- Looks like we are having a little drier weather up here than you're getting!

    K.- We always avoided making biscuits and gravy up here, because I wanted to be able to go out to breakfast and eat something without comparing "ours to theirs". But last summer a guest talked us into making some. We do GOOD biscuits and gravy!

  3. did I hear Biscuits and gravy....

    I might just have to drive to Colorado....

    love me some biscuits and gravy...


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