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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Dakota Trip

Bad blogger.  Bad.

Juanita and I just went on a short vacation up to the Black Hills in South Dakota.  Neither one of us even took  our cameras out of their cases.  Not once. So I am forced to illustrate this posting by hand.

We loaded up the car with the dog and a couple suitcases and drove up to Custer, SD to visit our friends Bucky and Andrea who are running a riding livery outside Custer.

We arrived late in the afternoon during a rainstorm and spent the evening catching up with Bucky, Andrea and their son Jake. And we spent some time talking with Barney and Linda, the owners of Spirit Horse Escape, where the livery is located.

Tuesday the sun came out and Juanita and I went for a short one hour ride with Jack, the head wrangler.  Beautiful area.

We got back just in time to help load up a family of 4 kids (3 boys, 5-8 years old and their 11 year old sister) along with mom and dad.  Jack had lost his voice to laryngitis, so I went along to answer questions and tell lies.  Mom and Dad commented on his lack of voice, and I told them he was a "hoarse whisperer" (I crack me up).

Forty minutes into the ride, the kids had settled down and were finally comfortable on their mounts.  As we were heading back we had to pass within fifty feet or so of a VERY large Black Angus bull.  "The Boys" were hanging within a couple inches of the ground, and he was having a minor testosterone fit at being separated from his cows.  Snorting and pawing and bellowing and chuffing.   Just being a jerk.  I quietly worked my horse to get between the ride and the fellow, while keeping up a quiet banter with the guests in the hopes of keeping the kids calm.  "What is THAT?!?" asked the 6 year old.  "A cow"  I replied, and started talking about how nice the weather had finally gotten."Like HELL!" croaked Jack "That is one big @ss bull!!"  Thanks Jack.  "OH NO! WHAT DO WE DO?!" chirped a couple of the boys.  "Ahh, don't worry about him, he's just looking for a woman" I replied and we just ambled on by (I wish I could have heard their dinner conversation that night...).  We rode through "his" herd a couple minutes later and made it back to the livery happy and healthy.

  We headed home before another ride could show up.



  1. Nice pics, Bill. Maybe you should freehand more for the blog.

  2. If Jack is the hoarse whisperer, does that make you the Bull

    Just saying....LOL

  3. Deejo-
    It's the details that make the difference. Like the smoke from the Jetta.

    Mr. Daddy-
    Nah, I don't whisper. (Notice I'm not denying the other part of you comment...)

  4. I gotta say, I was a tad concerned when I saw him take out a pad and pencil with this sort of 'grin' on his face (that he gets when he thinks he's had a GREAT idea). I couldn't believe we never once thought of taking out the cameras the whole time we were there, and there were soooo many great picture moments. I guess we were just so excited about catching up with friends we miss terribly!

  5. lol! Hoarse Whisperer. Thanks for the laugh today.

    The pictures were a hoot! bull picture isn't quite 'anatomically correct'...he's uh...missing some things.



  6. Dang, Lisa, you beat me to it - I was going to say that can't be a bull!

    I love the pictures. I think more people should try illustrating their posts with hand drawn pictures.

  7. Oh so cute Bill, you should have been an artist!! Definitely the Bull sh##isperer. Even if you forgot to add that missing appendage.

  8. Geeze ladies. Some details are best left out. I'm trying to keep it PG here...(and with my drawing skills, who could tell anyway)...


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