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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eagle Rock Ride

Just a short note first, to say I finally got brave enough to hop on GunDiva's mare bareback a couple of days ago.  GunDiva took it upon herself to go off to some southern state to a Writer's Police Academy and left me to start getting her mare back in shape from a bout of soft-tissue thrush.  I think we have the thrush under control and she definitely needed out, so I gave her a small dose of Bute, added a bareback pad, put a couple of friends on my grays and out we went in search of colors in the aspens.  We didn't see a lot of color in the trees, but the grasses this year are awesome.  Must have to do with the cooler summer temps.  So's here's a pic to prove I really did hop on this little lady.
I can't believe I was so excited to get out on the mountain, I forgot my hat!  I don't remember the last time I rode without my hat.  I did remember the orange shirt, since I was sitting on a deer-ish colored horse.  Next time, more padding is in line.  Criminy, Estes' backbone is hard!
Two rides in two days - WOW.  We gathered up Ranger and Jesse; decided on saddles because we are hoping to trailer the horses to Santa Fe in a couple of weeks, to ride the Rio Grande River basin.  We thought it judicious to remind the horses that occasionally they have to carry that extra 50 lbs, also.  When we are riding away from  home we like to carry some extra supplies; you know, like water bottles, dusters, first aid kits, cameras....the essentials.  We got the horses all brushed up but it was pretty obvious Jesse was not as excited about the outing as I was.  In fact, she was being down right 'mare-ish', which she is really good at this time of year.  I didn't feel compelled to having my ride spoiled by a brat horse, so she got put back in the pen and Mr. Washoe came happily along.  For a change, we decided to ride to a special place of ours we call Eagle Rock.  None of the new wranglers know the way, so I don't think anyone visited it this year.  We even had a hard time finding the path (no trail), and ended up dodging a lot of downed barbed wire.

We thought it a good sign when, as we were entering our first stand of aspens, a huge red-tailed hawk launched from right over our heads and flew in the direction we needed to go.  I was too slow on the camera to catch it, but what a sight - and how big they are! - when they are less than 10 feet above you.

When we got to the top, Bill was trying to take pictures down into the ravine, but Ranger had other thoughts.  They were standing pretty close to the edge here, then Ranger said enough of looking DOWN that slope.  You take all the pictures you want, but I want to look at this rock, thank you very much!  This place got its name from those rocks on the upper right, where you can occasionally find eagles.  Never mind we are dang. high. on. a. ledge!
And Washoe's turn....
This year's addition to the "Ears" album...look at the green still in the grass!
We finally did find some color on our way home....
However, the best of all was right around the Lodge.  What a site to head down the switchbacks and look across the highway to see this....
Happy trails, everyone.


  1. And how was my girl? As hopped up as she was for me the week before?

    I'll be up Sunday and I'll take her bony little spine out :)

  2. I miss those views! Sounds like a marvelous ride... and you can come out and visit my bony little horse too!

  3. You definitely have some serious beautiful country there.

    Maybe I shoulda been a cowboy?????


  4. GD: Fortunately, despite the bony back, she is a marvelously smooth ride; must be that Morgan gait. As soon as we learn to keep that club foot in good shape, I think her shoulder will be fine.

    Rachel, we would love to come see Kona...and Itty Bit...and maybe, Mr. Daddy (if you can keep him under control). We miss you and Mom Paula.

    OK, Mr. Daddy, we will let you play cowboy with us any time you like. We have a fake roping cow head we could attach to your quad and have some roping fun!


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