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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Part of "Exclusive" Are You Having Trouble With?

Juanita and I were out working in the corral with the horses yesterday evening.  Pushing panels around, cleaning, fixing fence.  Ranger was sort of hanging around, so I jumped on him.  No pad, no headstall, no halter.  Just climbed on board.

  Over the years, Ranger and I have come to an understanding with one another.  He thinks I am at least partly insane, and there is no way to tell what whim I will act on next, but all in all, I'm fairly harmless.  I think he is not the sharpest crayon in the box, but he does try to figure out what I'm after.  We each live with the others' shortcomings.  It's a working relationship that reminds me of a married couple.

  So, I am sitting on my horse, with a hand full of mane, and gave him a kick in the sides to get him to move out.  He ran up to the gate and stopped.  I had said "Whoa" an instant before he stopped, so I was happy.  As I hadn't tried to force him through the closed gate, but let him stop, he was happy too.  We trotted around the corral for the next ten minutes or so, trying to not crash into things, and for the most part succeeding.  It seemed lake a good time to call it quits, so I hopped off.

  Juanita said something about trying that with the princess, so I climbed on board Jesse.


  The motion/excitement/activity level went from ho-hum to OMG! in an instant.  Ranger slammed by me bucking/snorting/kicking and raising a cloud of dust I could barely see through, and Jesse thought it best to emulate him.  The other two horses in the pen also went bug-nuts for a moment.  I found myself standing on the ground watching all four horses running, kicking and bucking across the corral to the other side.  I wish I could take credit for a wonderful emergency dismount, but I have NO IDEA how I ended up standing on the ground by four bucking horses.

  Ranger stopped and turned to stare at me.  Opps. My bad.  I forgot.  I'm not supposed to climb on another horse in the corral.  RANGER is THE horse.  It has ALWAYS made him mad to see me climb on another horse, and he lets me know in no uncertain terms how much it pi$$es him off.

  Very sorry.  Meant nothing to me.  Never happen again.  I just wanted a quick ride... Jeeze.

  Huh, that also kinda reminds me of a married couple. 



  1. LOL. Good Job. Are you the one who rides a mustang, 'cause mine has that same jeolous streak.

  2. LOL Nice one Bill ;) Ranger has you MARKED, man!

  3. HA HA HA HA HA!

    That boy has your number!

    Cracks me up how horses are so alike their human pets!

    I was kinda wondering just how you got down off of Jesse... and I would have paid for video :)

  4. TJ&M- Yup, Ranger was a Nevada desert resident for the first 8 or 9 years of his life. I like to think he is part of MY herd, but I suspect he thinks I am part of HIS herd...

    Mrs M- Just kills me.. he's so mellow about most other stuff.

    Rachel- Darn horse is such a dope. Umm, wait... are you saying...

    And yes, I just sort of found I was standing beside the horses after I had climbed on Jesse. Odd.

  5. In my youth I recall, having no recall of whole weekends.....

    pretty sure it was the spirits....

    Now it is usually just moments like yours....

    I think it is the advancing years.

    just saying.......*snicker*

  6. Sounds like an episode of Brokeback style. lol!


    word verif: procrud

    As opposed to unprofessional crud?

  7. Mr. D-
    A couple years ago I picked a bottle of ginkgo biloba up off a shelf at a pharmacy. The label said "for enhancing memory" I stared at the bottle for a moment and then told the pharmacist "My wife sent me here to get a bottle of this stuff, but I don't remember why." I set the bottle back down on the shelf and walked out. Eh, it cracked ME up...

    Ranger and I are just friends...


  8. cheese n crust and hayhole? I have read this today and the day you posted and it still cracks me up.

  9. Momma Fargo-

    Well, that's what I THINK I heard...


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