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Saturday, September 4, 2010

HCR, Part 2

Note:  I had this almost ready to post and our internet server went down...for 3 days; only had dial-up and I wasn't about to post pictures using that.  Then I was off to a 5 day clinic with my favorite trainer, Mark Rashid, of 'Considering the Horse'.  Got back just in time for the Labor Day rush.  So here is the rest of the story.  Better late than never, right?

I think we left off with Rachel standing in the creek....
We did make it down the steep slope to the beaver ponds and lots of attempts were made at pictures, but the brush was thick and I think it also took a lot of horse handling, so most of the shots were a little blurry (i.e. Bill's pics).
Even though the thought of the ponds in enticing, it's the actual ride of the trail that is so spectacular.  Over the last 12 years we have watched this area grow from a small creek to 7 ponds and dams, plus a couple of lodges, and have yet to spot a beaver.  Didn't see one this time, either.
Back up and over another ridge, headed towards the meadow and a different creek.
There's Rachel, smiling again.  Look at the great blue sky we had for the day.  That's Meeker Mt. in the distance.
Ahah!  Caught Killashandra with a grin, too.
Not to be left out, here's 'Mom'.  She smiles and laughs as much as her kid does.  In fact, you should also jump over here and see their antics in Denver.  That's where they were while Mr. Daddy kept calling us to locate them!
Back down into one of the meadows lined by aspen trees; was a favorite of everyone and we had to inspect the markings on the trees left by the elk and deer.  The horses also enjoyed the impromptu salad bar while their riders weren't looking.
Another water break - Fox Creek - a much shallower spot at this time of year.
Look at this riding technique.  Also, please notice Rahja's ears, even though Ranger is fairly close behind her.  You see, this horse will NOT tolerate another horse behind her, so Bill spent the whole time trailing her at a distance, slowly closing the gap.  Rahja finally figured out that Ranger was a non-threat and started enjoying the ride.  Ranger even bumped into her at one point and barely got an ear lift.  This is a good break-through for this horse!  Thanks again, K.

 On the way back, Bill did his 'traffic cop' impersonation.  Fortunately, I don't think there were any cars to see the show, but poor Ranger is chagrined...again!  I don't know why that horse puts up with Bill's antics.
Back at the Livery, Rachel had to pose with her new horsey love, Timber, who won a place in her heart by rescuing her from 'Head-banger' Baggins.
And the final proof of a good ride!  Thanks to everyone for use of your pictures, and for making this a great experience.  Until next time......


  1. UMMM..."Final proof of a great ride" looks more like proof there are no outhouses on the trails. I'm just sayin'...

  2. Hey! I resemble that remark!

    I mean...

    You weren't even here - how did you know that's what both Rachel and Momma P said?

  3. LOL! I'm cracking up at the comments! And who needs an outhouse (said by one of the mini-bladders from the Northwest)?

    Bill & Juanita & GunDiva - thank you again for a wonderful ride! The scenery and company were perfect and I loved the instant feeling of family when we stepped out of the car.

    I cannot wait for next year! I'll learn how to change a tire by then ;)

  4. Great ride and great pics! Love the hoorah butt pic.
    Shows a good day of horse riding! Your place is beautiful. btw/ I could lose myself there.

  5. Thanks, guys. Deejo, we don't do outhouses on our trails. It's a rock, bush or nothing!

    Rachel, it's way more fun to let the guys change the tire; let's them feel macho...and they are faster as they've had way more practice. Thanks again, Shorty!

    Our skies are still blue, even though the area south of us is on fire. It's a 'healthy' fire, meaning it's moving through the trees so fast, it's not harming them; but it wreaks havoc on structures, which catch fire very easily. We feel for the families losing their homes and pray for a fast recovery.


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