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Thursday, September 9, 2010


    Juanita's horse, Jesse, is the biggest busy-body you could ever hope to meet.  Any time something is happening with other horses nearby, or with hikers on the mountain side facing us, or bears in the trash, she has a FIT until we go see what is happening.  Lord help the livery horse that has pulled free and is eating the grass she can't reach outside her corral.

  We have a group of friends staying with us here at the lodge that are riding the national forest and park for the next week. Our friend Bucky helped haul their horses down from South Dakota for them, where the horses had been summering (rather than staying in Arizona).

  After putting grain bags on their horses, our guests went back into the lodge to finish getting ready for the ride. Juanita was out cleaning the corral when her HOA president of a horse got her attention.  "LOOKLOOKLOOKLOOK!", so Juanita did.  The horses had finished their grain, and being thirsty, went for a drink.

  Did you know that the old canvas feed bags make VERY GOOD water buckets?  And that if you are wearing one and stuff your head into a water tank, it will fill with water?  And no matter how much you shake and swing your head, it won't leak out?  And if you don't have a tattle-tail RIGHT THERE, you may drown in a half gallon of water?  Water-boarding for ponies.  Juanita got them undone, no harm (but I wonder what the horses will do next time someone tries to put a feedbag on them).

  Let's hear it for nosy NEIGHbors.



  1. Bucky's horses aren't the smartest ones on the planet, now are they?

  2. OMG, good to know! I am thinking about switching Dixie to a feed back for her token pound of ration balancer... maybe not!


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