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Friday, April 1, 2011

They're HOME!!!!

More to come with pictures, but...THE HORSES ARE HOME.  They have spent the last hour and a half munching on all the huge hay bales we have sitting in their corral.  I think they are as happy to be home as we are to have them, judging from their behavior when they were unloaded.  More to come...............


  1. Zippee! Love the horses home. Spring is here.

  2. WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Now the fun will REALLY begin for Bill, trying to keep Juanita OFF them for a little bit longer!!

  3. Well you didn't mention any thing about the fences being wiped out, so I guess Tel did alright...:o)

    Now you got me all nostalgic. I'm off to pet my quad.....*snort*

  4. Not only did I NOT wipe out any fences, I managed to back the trailer into its parking spot without running anything over or knocking down the "garage".

    *muttering*and it only took ten minutes.

  5. Congratulations on getting the horses back and successfully trailering. Have fun with them.


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