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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Very Late Winter

We woke up this morning and climbed out of our warm bed to start our day.  We had four inches of new snow on the ground and it was eighteen degrees out.

 Freshly showered and shaved I went out to start warming the car and scraping the layer of ice off the windshield.  The snow squeaked underfoot.  Went back into the lodge to feed and bank the fires, and then we went down the mountain to run some errands.

Eighteen miles down the mountain the roads were dry and it was twenty degrees warmer.  Took Juanita to physical therapy, went to the bank, went to babysit our youngest grand kids for a couple hours.  I played in the sandbox with the two year old, jumped on the trampoline with her and swung on the tire swing in the back yard.  We went to dinner with Juanita's mom , back to my MIL's house for a tour of the flower gardens and a good romp in the yard for our dog Sophie.  A hand of "rummy" or three and it was time to head home.

Driving along the foothills, we saw the winter wheat was starting to poke out of the fields, and the hay fields were having their ditches and fence lines burned.  You know, spring stuff.  It had been in the mid to upper fifty's all day.

We drove up the mountain and in eighteen miles the temperature dropped over fifteen degrees, to well below freezing.  We kicked our way through the snow drifts on the front porch and went into the lodge and fed the fires again.

When I was a kid, they told me heat travels up.



Oh yeah, and we are bringing our horses back up Friday.  Man, are they going to be peeved.


  1. I believe that there is scientific proof that heat does, indeed, travel up. Just may not warm those of us on it's path to further up. mark

  2. Bill, the danger in having three writers for your blog, is that I never know who is writing until I get to the signature.

    Which means that I snort in the most juvenile way when I read "shaved and showered" and wonder which one of you shaved...?

    It's been a long day.

    And we could have used some of your snow...

  3. Mark-
    I have come the the conclusion that heat doesn't necessarily travel up, it simply moves away from cold. Just look at the weather temperature maps. The heat goes south for the winter!

    Watch it girl. Keep it up and I won't trim my mustache next summer. You'll never see my lips!




  4. Hahahaha! Now that's funny.

    Snow? We have 65 degrees and a little Wyoming breeze (hurricane wind,...ugh).

  5. You're right, the horses are going to be peeved. I'd be peeved too if you drug me into that cold wet white stuff. LOL


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