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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Four for Four.

Fourth of July parade was on July 4th this year.  I'm so confused.  The Allenspark Lodge Contingent was out in force this year.  GunDiva picked up some matching shirts.  As the horses were being readied, I put one on and walked out to tell them there was NO WAY I was going to wear this in a parade. 

  When the shouts of laughter subsided, the shouts of "Where is my camera?!?" started.  I came to my senses and RAN back to remove the (far too small) shirt.  We have more bloggers than people in this fam-damily.

The parade was very nice.  No wrecks and a good turnout for the crowd.

Assorted fire trucks.

A band.

A couire...cowire...chouire... bunch of singers.

Assorted kids and grandkids.

Not a lot of horses this year, though.

This was following the horses.  I'm not sure what it means...

Not much candy left at the end.




  1. The best part was that he had the shirt on backward! And he was wearing the red one.

    Yep, a family of bloggers. It's a dangerous thing.

  2. Dang! No pictures of that?

    Nice parade. That white horse was really fancy with all the paint! The wheelbarrow idea is an interesting one. I can think of some uses for it around here. I could have my husband push me out to the barn in the morning when I'm feeling real lazy.

  3. Now Linda, I know what goes in MY wheelbarrow - and I don't want to sit in the remnants! Yeah, Bill looked really ? something in that shirt. It's a good thing we couldn't find a camera in time. You all would have never quit laughing.

    Poor Washoe felt under-dressed in the parade. Eli was all decked out in his tie-dye paint, and War Paint had her legs painted red, white and blue. I just don't think that wild when it comes to getting ready for parades. I was happy my horse was CLEAN...and I still haven't managed to get the paint off his hooves!

  4. Y'all need to get some phones with cameras... because I would have PAID to see that picture of Bill dressed in his parade duds :)

    Love that Ripley was included in the crowd... and how fun to ride in that parade!

  5. And YES, I am scared of what Mr. Daddy is going to say on here... why do you ask?

  6. Rach - since our cell phones don't work at the Lodge, we keep them turned off to save the battery. There was an abundance of cameras, they just weren't within easy reach.

    I looked at the pictures and thought it was nice that Ripley was in so many. Maybe next year, she'll have to get dressed up and play too. RCC or one of the kids will have to drive, though, 'cause I'm not giving up Estee for the parade.

  7. Beel, sometimes you just gotta take one for the team.....*snort*

  8. LMAO. I need pics of the shirt. Parade looks lovely and I think the wheelbarrow peeps were a nice touch. LOL


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