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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time to Clean

It was time to clean the corral again.

Ranger the bonehead mustang is convinced that when I think I am scraping manure, that actually I am CHASING HIM WITH THE TRACTOR.  And sure enough, he runs in a half panic just ahead of me, and I drive in circles just behind him.  For a half an hour.

"Hey, Juanita!  Why don't you come over and see if you can get pictures of Ranger freaking out?" 

I fired up the tractor and headed into the coral.

Ranger ran over behind Juanita and hid. 
And hid.

And hid.

And hid.
And hid some more.

I got to make a half dozen passes without him running ahead of me, until Juanita got bored and went back to the lodge.

Then... OH NO HE'S CHASING ME WITH THE TRACTOR!  And round and round we went.  Pictures aren't too good as I was focusing on  driving in circles scraping manure trying to run down a horse at 3 miles an hour.

None of the other horses much care as long as Ranger isn't chasing them away from the horse eating tractor.




  1. And you know the entire time he is yelling, "MOM! MOM! MOM! COME SAVE ME! CRAZY A$$ BEEL IS AT IT AGAIN!! HAAAAALLLLPP!!!"

    They say that animals take after their owners over time there, Beel. You think maybe this is a sign?

    *I'm ducking now*

  2. At one point, Ranger actually had his head pushed up against my back, until Jesse chased him away from me, but can you blame him? It's a mighty scary looking tractor...Beel!

  3. Well at least yours are running away from you. Last time we drug the corral the 2 yr old kept pace, then started bucking & kicking at his new playmate! Where's the camera when you need it

  4. Beel, whats that nasty sound coming from that tractars Butt????

    Shut it off Beel...

    shut it off now....

  5. I think he wanted an excuse to be a little drama-king. Now Mrs Mom has a point, they do say that horses and owners.... just maybe.

  6. Are you saying you are a bonehead? LOL.

    I love the way he hides behind a trusted friend. My mustang does that too. Cracks me up.

  7. Now Juanita, how's that for a compliment? A MUSTANG thinks you are badder than a tractor and gonna save him.

    I love that you got it all on film :)

  8. LOL. Poor Ranger. Mean Beel.

    Juanita is bad ass and she looks great! Yeah, bionic woman!

  9. Just like a dog with a vacuum cleaner!


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