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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Riding Ranger!

This is a BIG first for me - riding Ranger.  We've had the horse eleven years and I could NOT be convinced to "hop on him".  You see, I've seen what that boy can do; picked Bill up many times and watched in horror as "bronc riders" couldn't stay on.  OK, a lot of this was undeniably "early on " in his training, yet these pictures tend to stay with you.  GunDiva has ridden him; another friend has ridden him a few times; and .... nope.  That's it.  In his lifetime with us, that's all that have braved the Ranger except Beel.  Well, now that I am bionic, I had to bite the bullet, so to speak, so when Bill said, "Let's mix it up a bit today.  You ride Ranger, I'll ride Jesse and J can ride Washoe."  So OK.....
 Mounted up!  Whew..I tried not to hold my breath.
On our way....
Proper way to cross a road....
J had to work on some navigational skills with Washoe, but they got it figured out.

She is a granddaughter of a friend visiting; not used to riding but game anyway.  She soon figured out the rein thing and convinced Washoe that the trees were NOT the way to go.  Bill commented on hearing a lot of funny noises that sounded like giggling.
Ranger was the perfect gentleman that GunDiva says he is.  Bill's saddle I can do without; OK, it's just the taps that drive me nuts.  I can't set my feet right in them 'cause they bite me in the ankle.
We did some hill climbing....
On the way home, we both relaxed.  He was pretty timid when we started out..and I was nervous.
It was a great ride!!!
Going home....
Thanks Bill - and Ranger - for expanding my horizons.


  1. I don't get it. He doesn't look nearly so...embarrassed when Juanita is on him.


  2. Way to go! Wish I coulda joined ya on one of my critters- that looked like a fun ride!

  3. Beel, I was just thinking that! I mean, crossing the road without stopping traffic and humiliating the poor horse... :)

    Juanita, love that he was perfect for you and that you can now have confidence to hop on him again - you Bionic Cowgirl, you!

  4. Wow, Juanita--I'm impressed with you. I tend to avoid horses I've seen in bad action or heard stories about, too. I think some people even avoid my horse, Cowboy, for the same reason. You've proven every horse deserves another chance!

  5. He loves ya. You will have no problems with him.

  6. I think Ranger is strutting his stuff when Juanita rides him. They look awesome!

    And when Beel rides him, I would expect to soon see some rodeo pics or stick figure drawings because of the torture he has endured. :)


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