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Thursday, July 21, 2011

People Picnic...or Horse Picnic?

We're busy...we've been running full for a while now...and we've really been trying to get out on the horses.  Today, we made it!!!!
Would you look at the SMILE on this boy's face at the thought of a picnic ride!!
And l u s h.......all of our extra snow is making a great show.
Some of you might remember this trail...leading down into the aspens?
Coming out of the aspen/meadow...and sunshine.
And of course, our obligatory "aspen" shot.  Bill's pic came out better than mine.
Ranger really, really thought the water tasted good.  We stayed 'parked' in this spot a long time...
Cool, clear water - lots of it.  Jesse just waded to the middle and 'cooled her heels'.
We got to our picnic spot next to the lake, tossed down the blanket and enjoyed some down time...but that grass tickles the nose!
Lots of wild flowers this year, again thanks to the moisture.
And lots of Canadian you see them.... you don't.  She is the most delicate thistle eater I have ever seen.
You just curl your lips back and snap off the top with your teeth, then continue down the stalk.
It sounded like a person eating celery.

Not to be left out, Bill offered Ranger a peanut butter granola bar.  He claimed Ranger liked them...
Not....  Three times Ranger sniffed it and turned his head away.  I think he preferred the green grass hanging from his lips.   However, he was a very happy camper....
as soon as that tree limb he kept stepping on quit hitting him in the tail!
There were many happy moments mounting my horse from the ground...
not graceful yet, but it can be accomplished!
And I have my girl back;  Jesse was a tuned up power house.
Whether it was looking at more down hill....
...or leading out in front...or trying to run down Ranger for cutting cross country and hitting the trail in front of her at a trot.  She must like my new hips because she has her great ground-eating walk back...and Ranger doesn't trust her to make the right turns toward home because she always picks the 'other' trail.
Meeker Peak...on the way home.  Lots more stories to tell our guests....


  1. Is it weird to be "homesick" all the way from over here?

    Because all of those were my favorite moments! I remember Ranger trying to drink the entire creek, and that gorgeous aspen spot. I could have stayed there all day (and the horses could have too - somehow the grass is better there?)

    And Meeker! What a view!

    So sad to be missing it in a couple of weeks...

  2. I love aspens. Those are beautiful pictures of your day!! The horses look as happy as you guys do.

  3. What a beautiful ride! I'm so jealous of your GREEN - everything here is either dead brown cheatgrass, lush green tumbleweed babies, or on fire. :( You look fabulous on Jesse, Juanita!

  4. Quaking Aspens! Someday, I want to ride thru them. What a gorgeous day!

  5. Aww, crud, I'm logged in as Mom and Bill again...

    Anyway, the horses look funny in saddles. Especially Ranger, I can't recall the last time I've seen him in a saddle.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful place to go riding!

  7. Wow, that ride just looks so relaxing. I haven't had any of that all summer it feels like. I like the pictures. :)

  8. that was a pretty snarky smirk on Bill's face....

    has he been into the crytomyotic dust again?????


    Like Rach says we wish we were heading your way in couple of weeks.:o(

  9. OK, so we have just found your blog, by way of Mikey, who left a comment on OUR blog that we published today about our visit to your lodge. We were one of your one-night-stands on July 13. Wish we had gotten around to the topic of blogging. We enjoyed your hospitality and charming lodge. Juanita kindly sent me off with a cup of herbal tea for my altitude headache.


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