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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Me?

Completely clueless.  
No, really.  I have no idea.  
I usually have an inkling, but not this time.
 I went out to move the minivan Monday after GunDiva's birthday party Sunday and found it on the seat.

Who could have done such a thing?

Plastic severed hand.

Who, oh who, would have  left this on my car seat?

Could it have been the hiking guide who's pie's I have sabotaged in years past?

Could it have been the other hiking guide that I have teased unmercifully for years?

Could it have been the friend visiting who's truck received magnetic bullet holes from me in years past? 

Could it have been GunDiva getting back at me for "hair implants"?

Could it have been any of my other kids just getting back at me for now long forgotten pranks I have played?

I really don't know.

Okay, maybe the question isn't "who would", but "who wouldn't".

By my count, there were 22 people at the party.

Guess I'll have to get them all....


(Gunna be a long summer, I'm guessing)


  1. Seems like it might be easier to count would COULDN'T get you... like us-- we were here sweltering away in GA! And I bet it wasn't Mr Daddy and Rachel either! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Um. I just might be glad that you don't know where I live . . .
    haha . . .

  3. And it wasn't Momma Fargo - she won't be down for a visit for another couple of weeks.

    And it wasn't me - I was too busy being a raging bitch at my party to even think of such a great gag!

    My vote's for one of the hiking guides.

  4. Don't waste you time trying to figure out which one, spend it figuring out how to get them all:o)

    just saying....

    cause the ones that didn't do it are just jealous of the one who did, so I think that is justification enough...LOL

  5. I realized many years ago you should never go to bed mad. You should stay up and plot your revenge...


  6. Be quiet Mr. Daddy!

    And it weren't us... honest!

    I always play nice with people who know good tricks!

  7. I'm very tempted, after enjoying your art, to abandon watercolor and just go to stick figures. That picture looks an awful like you!!

    Good luck on your whole revenge thing!!

  8. You are always good for a laugh.

  9. You guys all encourage him waaaaay to much. Remember...I have to live with this man!

    At least his horse likes me.

  10. I have to "hand" it to you, Bill. You've always been a "handy" man and I'm sure you'll get a "handle" on who would've done this to you. Once you do, I'll want to shake your Hand... but not the one you found.

    C & E


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