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Friday, December 9, 2011

Baking Day Readiness

Am I ready for this?  Heck no!  Are we gonna' have fun?  You betcha'!

Every year for the last - oh - 13 or so years, we have had a baking day/weekend extravaganza.  I open up the Lodge kitchen to our kids and their/our friends for a huge cookie/treat baking marathon.  That's what it has turned into - a marathon.  Everyone brings an assortment of recipes and most of their own ingredients, and then my big kitchen and cookery get put to use, and it is a huge amount of fun, I get to see lots of new ideas and a tremendous amount of goodies spew forth, until both big tables are covered with entice-ables.

Wish me luck, keeping my sanity.  I'm getting better (with age) at not being quite so anal about how things are done in MY kitchen ... but it's tough!  Watch for GunDiva's blogs, complete with pics.
Bionic Cowgirl - turned kitchen  monitor for the next two days.


  1. That sounds so fun! I, somewhat mournfully, announced to my hubby last night, as he was trying to go to sleep, that I was not going to bake cookies this year! He was NOT properly moved and devastated by this statement. I almost cried! It has been my tradition forever and it is important to me. But we can't afford the ingredients and I can't stand for hours on arthritic knees. And it will be okay! But how I would love to pull a rocking chair into the corner of your kitchen and just ... breathe!

  2. I watched our daughter, home from college, baking cookies in my kitchen last night. Still have teeth marks on my lips from keeping my mouth shut. But I did keep it shut and the result was a lovely evening, one I'll cherish forever. :)

  3. I cant wait to see what the Diva is cooking up!! Wish we could be there to sample everything ;)


  4. would love to be a fly on the wall:o)

    Well maybe not if you own a fly swatter....LOL

    have a blast

  5. I bet with the mountain air, those cookies are going to taste extra great! Wish I could be there, too. Glad to see you are recovering so fast. Miss you guys!

    Happy Baking!

  6. Oh, the mountain air has to make the cookies taste so much better! Wish I could be there to help and taste the greatness baking in your kitchen! Glad you are recovering so fast. Miss you guys!

    Happy baking!


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