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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Friend

Today, Juanita and I went to the memorial service of a friend we have known for many years.  He had passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack.  Ken and his wife had been part of our lives and loves for about 25 years, and as friendships sometimes go, we still FELT close, even though we were seeing each other maybe one or two times a year.

When his friends and family went up to say a few words, they spoke for everyone who knew the man.



Strong in his faith.



A good friend.

It was the type of service that makes one take stock of one's own life.  What will people say about me when I pass?  Not that I expect to die.  I haven't so far...

What would I hope people say at my service?

Loved his friends and family.

Strong, even if quiet in his faith.

Enjoyed his time with animals, and seemed to have a way with at least SOME of them.

Enjoyed talking to people and learning their stories.

Enjoyed making people laugh.

But what I most hope someone says at my funeral...

Look!  He moved!

(We miss you Ken)


  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend.
    I do like the comment you would like to hear at your funeral. Too funny. I am requesting that at my funeral, everyone throws a candy bar in my casket!

    1. He would have laughed a my comment, but I think he would have preferred YOUR sentiment. (He had danced with diabetes most of his life, and really missed the sweets.)


  2. Sorry about your loss, but that was a good ending to your post. I hope they can say that about me, too. ;) That's a very good question you've asked yourself. I'll have to think about that today myself. It sounds like Ken was a great man.

  3. Always so saddening to loose someone so good, so close & that we'll miss so much. It's been a year now since I lost one of my best friends. She was English & how thrilled she would have been to see GB win the Gold in the Olympics!

  4. Sorry about your loss of a good friend.

    I think Ranger should be allowed to jot some notes for your eulogy. I think he's got you down. :)

  5. Sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a great man. Very nice tribute and love your humor. It can be arranged to have a string tied to your finger at your funeral for effect. I know, sick, sick.


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