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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

They Should Not Do That

This is Ranger.  The horse.

In the still dark, one of the bone head neighbors knocked the rails down in the big gate.  The Kid and That Mare WENT OUT into the NEIGHBORS YARD.

Then two of the neighbor horses came into MY yard.

I screamed and screamed.  Finally Beel and Waneeta came out and moved the strangers out of my pen, and the neighbor peoples brought the white horses home.

Beel patted me and telled me I was a good boy, but he did not kick or bite the white horses.  I stared at him as he walked away, and he did not even pin his ears back at them (any more than usual, anyway).

I guess I will have to kick the white ones later.

Beel is such a slacker.



  1. The nerve of those intruders. hrrumph!

  2. Good job Ranger. Nothing gets by you when you're on watch.

    ps, take it easy on the white ones. Y'all need to stick together, you know.


  3. You know, you can't kick them when they come back. Cuz then they keep running. I'm sure he pinned his ears at them over at the other pen, right Beel?


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