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Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Know What I Want

This is Ranger.  The horse.

Today That Mare and I took Beel and Waneeta out for a picnic. 


It has been many days and darks since we have gone out on a picnic, and I was ready.

We got to my favorite picnic place and Beel dropped my head rope.  "You choose, buddy." he sayed.  I take my job very seriously.  So I went in through the little trees back to the GOOD grass.  Then I circled a little bush twice, stopped and telled Beel, "Here".  It was a very good place.  Good grass and water nearby. 

"This would be fine, Ranger.  Except there is NO WAY I can tie you to this weed.  How about this tree next to it?"

That was a good place , too.  So we went there.  Beel tied my head to the tree, and I began eating the good grass.  Waneeta tied That Mare's head to a tree, too.

Now, That Mare is a mare.  And that means she is a female.  And sometimes she changes her mind.  A lot.  For no reason I can understand.

For an example, we were eating good grass, in a good place, with good water and sun and shade.  But when some of the neighbor horses from the livery back in town went down the trail on the other side of the river, That Mare had a fit and pulled her head rope off the tree and started to run away.  She got half way to the other horses before her brain turned back on and she stopped to eat the good grass.

Waneeta caught her and tied her head to the tree again.  Then Waneeta went back to her and Beel's people picnic.

That Mare went to eating the good grass again.  Sometimes she turns in circles while she eats.  She goes one way, and then she goes the other way and finally she gets stuck in her rope.  Mostly she stands there until she thinks of a way to get out of her problem.  Today her brain turned off and she started kicking the rope stuck on her back leg and her head and the tree. It did not help get it unstuck.  In fact it kind of hurt her a little.  Waneeta came and helped her AGAIN, and her brain turned back on. AGAIN.

When we were going home after the picnic, I telled Beel " Some of the time, I'm not sure that the females KNOW what they want."

Beel sayed "I wouldn't say that... I might THINK it real loud, but I would never actually say it."

Sounds safer to me, too.



  1. I remember this one time I left my horse in a field full of grass and he took off. This is when I learned the phrase "trust in Allah, but tie your camels at night"

    Cuz there is always grass somewhere else, right? Glad you had a nice picnic, even if the mare was all weirded out. ;)

  2. I think there are days when That Mare and I have something in common. (I think my husband would agree.)

  3. HA HA HA HA! Beel, I don't think you should ever risk even THINKING that... because you have one smart mare! (And Lord knows she is indestructible, so getting tied up around trees ain't gonna work with her).


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