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Friday, August 31, 2012

Just Playing

A few days ago (when there was not enough time for a ride), I decided to just have a play session with Jesse.  I want to work on enhancing her 'sign language', but we had to end the session with a little frisbee play.  It caught the attention of some of our guests, who started taking pictures; later Bill fessed up that he was trying to video the frisbee part, but it was a little blurry.  So... even though it's not the greatest, you will get the idea ....

At breakfast that morning we had had a huge discussion on why we feel building trust and a partnership with our horse is so important.  Notice Jesse is working with only her skinny halter and I have the lead rope tied around her neck; at best it can only be used as a neck strap.  She is working solely on body position and voice commands, next to a road (traffic passed us a few times) and a stranger moving all over trying to get good pictures.  Later that day, the guests said they thought they "got" the trust thing.

Bionic Cowgirl


  1. cute; how did you teach her that?

  2. Jesse was a very precocious baby - into EVERYTHING (and still is!) - so to keep her out of trouble, I used clicker training to teach her tricks. Teaching her to pick-up things on command led to having her bring me stuff, while on the ground or on her back, or our version of playing frisbee. She was much better at it when she was younger and it was more interesting to show off; we also spent a LOT more time playing then - out of necessity!

  3. That's pretty neat! She really is lovely. I bet she was really fun when she was a little stinker.

  4. I love her personality! So glad that you got her energy focused into fun things! She cracks me up :)


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