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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Snow Darn Fun

B-  Hey Ranger.  How are you this morning?

R-  Cold and wet Beel.

B-  Sorry Buddy.  Been a long winter.

R-  I see'd a white and black bird today.   I think it was a pen-gwen.  I heared they live in the snow.

B-  I think that was a snow covered crow, Ranger.

R-  Who is  Aunt Art Tica, Beel?

B-  Never heard of her.  Sounds gender confused to me.

R-  A neighbor people was saying we must live with that person.

B-  Ah!  Antarctica.   It is a very cold place.  It's a joke Ranger.

R-  I do not like jokes Beel.  And I do not like cold either.

B-  Well, you did lose most of your winter coat month before last.  It was a warm March.

R-  It was better when I lived in Nee-va-duh.  It was not so white in the after winter time.

B-  Spring is coming, Ranger.  Be patient.

R-  I would rather be warm.  Or get oats.  Oats is good.

B-  Dinner is coming, too.  Be patient.

R-  Okay Beel.  Say now.  Do they have oats in Air-is-own-a?


  1. LOL. Nice drawnings! Of course, you know...should you move to would gnash your teeth at the heat. And the cactus are a bunch of know.

  2. Poor Ranger. When I move to Air-is-own-a, he may come to visit in the winter time if he wants!


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