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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Caught in the Act

A couple of days ago, I got pressed into service by the Livery.  It got busier this holiday weekend than expected, and they have less horses than expected due to our late snow on Mother's day.  I had asked if I could 'join' one of their rides, just to get out on the trails.  Next thing I knew, I was leading the ride.  Seems they were short a horse for the next ride out, and since I had my own horse, I could lead the ride and everyone would get to go - so I led out a family of five and we had a great time - the only ride, in fact, that did not get rained/hailed on that day.  Ha!  I received a nice tip and came home happy.

Today, the guy wranglers were scheduled to do trail maintenance.  I saw them packing up a pack horse this morning and heading out.  The girl wrangler stayed behind to take what few rides they expected.  That was nice, but again, more rides showed up than planned; now this is great news for the Livery.

The weather was so wonderful today and our guests all had plans, so Bill and I decided to grab a couple horses and go help with the trail maintenance.  As we were walking to the corral we passed a couple guys looking disappointed.  When asked if we could help they commented on wanting to take a ride but ....
Just then Compass spotted us and  - well, you can guess the rest.  We got pressed into action.

Now, I like taking out rides; Bill - not so much.  He likes to ride with friends, etc. but is kind of 'done' with the wrangling thing, so I wasn't sure how this was going to go.
Compass getting the first guy up on the biggest horse she has, Blue.
A few directions and we are good to go.  Notice the difference in the size of Blue - a full blood Percheron -  and Ranger!  Ranger led out as he sets the best pace for beginner riders.  One of the riders had a burro to ride as a small child; the other was on his second ride ever.
The first thing we saw along the way were three deer close to the trail, which got their cameras out and clicking - and totally got their minds off the apprehension of being on such huge beasts.  As we start down the first hill, we asked where they were from:  Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Oops.  Now Bill is telling them that the distance we traveled up from the Livery was a greater elevation gain than going from sea level to the top of the highest 'mountain' in Florida.  Good start, Bill.  They just laughed and said, "Yeah, that would be the trash dump."
As we came around the meadow, I heard Bill telling them about our 'Colorado Crocodiles'; the croaking frogs we have at this time of year.  They sounded great to listen to.

Notice Bill is turned completely around in his seat, explaining the Sleeping Indian.  This is definitely a guy who maybe has missed being a trail guide - at least a little bit.  Jesse and I just rode drag.

As we are returning to the Livery, he tells them, "You have now conquered part of the Rocky Mountains sitting on a animal whose tongue weighs more than his brain."  I'm sure Ranger was rolling his eyeballs by that time.  He did earn us a great tip.  The lodging season is starting out a tad slow, but the riding season is off to a super start - at least for us!
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