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Monday, May 12, 2014

Horse #7888

It looks as though my parents are never going to get around to posting about Skeeter's homecoming, so I'm going to throw up a few pictures and they can fill in the blanks later (hint, hint, Mom and Bill).

Ranger enjoying his new home, as an only horse.

Wait.  What is that?

A horse trailer.

With a horse in it.

The horse got out!


After the trailer went away...
                            Ever get the feeling you are not alone?

Meeting L.E.
Getting acquainted.

Oh, hi!  I know you.

                        Cutting the tag off.

              The required selfie.

This is not a good thing.  I do not want to share.

Well, she is kind of cute...

When we left, Ranger headed around the corner to stand next to Skeeter and keep her company.

She's been busy meeting people and we haven't done much training other than table manners.  Let me tell you, I'm awfully glad she learned her table manners quickly because today could have been a feeding catastrophe with all of the snow and slimy mud.


  1. Thanks for filling in the gaps, Beel (and Ranger). Soon Ranger will get to go back to Estes' pen for some green stuffs all by himself and he can pretend to be an only horse for a couple of hours.


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