Bill and Juanita, owners of Allenspark Lodge B&B, are living their dream...

running a successful business and riding as often as possible.

Monday, May 17, 2010


 What a difference a day makes.

Today was warm and sunny.  Finally.  About six inches of snow melted off our back deck by noon, so Juanita and I took the geldings for a ride.  It's as if I can breath again.

This was almost all under snow yesterday.  Just water today.

Still some patchy snow, and just a little of the deeper stuff, but not so much.

Spring is coming, soon all will be green.

There are signs...

Life is good.



  1. Soon. I will be able to get up on Estes too and maybe we'll get to ride through some snow :)

  2. Love your area and your perspective on things too! Life is very good!


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