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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lower Pastures

Just a quick note to say a friend and I are headed out on the mountain today to bring the horses down to a lower pasture, getting ready to bring them HOME!!!!  The thought is to move GunDiva's horse in with our 3 for a few days, to let them get reintroduced where there is LOTS of green grass and space to move around.  Bill's horse is such a turd about HIS corral and food.  He was a range stallion too many years.  I'm hoping that by bringing in the extra horse where there is nothing to protect will keep him from being ornery to her.  Estes has to go on "fat pasture" during the winter to keep enough weight on her.  Our Mustangs are "easy keepers", so they get sent to the higher mountain ranges, which separates them for the winter season. 

I saw the horses on my way home from town last night, so I stopped by for a hugging session.  I think they are ready to come home; they are down by the river and road a lot lately.  As I drove around the bend, I saw all 6 horses grazing, but angling back up the hill.  When I pulled over at the bridge, I could only still see Washoe, who was notoriously taking "one more bite".  At the sound of the car door, his head popped up and he trotted to me instantly when I called.  I ran my hand down one side of his neck, but when I reached for the other, he whirled and took off at a run, with that Arab tail flagging in the air!  My first thought?  "Shoot, he's going to chase the rest up the trail."  I walked around the corner of the bend thinking to see them headed off.  Instead, my Jesse mare is headed toward me, picking up speed as she comes.  (What a powerhouse she looks like this year!)  I can see Washoe running from horse to horse like he's telling them, "Look, someone came to see us."  He's such a kid, and I'm sorry for doubting you, Washoe.  Each, in turn came over to me and get their inspection.  Ran my hand along their sides; checked their feet; told them all how great they look.  Ranger snorted at my vest when he discovered my cell phone in my pocket instead of his special treat!  No treats today, guys.  Just lovin'.

So sleek...and pretty....and FAT!  They need to go to work.


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