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Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Recipe of the Month

Juanita hasn't posted one this month, so I'll give it a whirl.


 (No, we don't serve it, and I'm fairly sure we never will, but I have wondered how to cook it.)

1) Catch a snail.
(So far so good- they don't move too fast)

2) Feed it corn flakes for a week or two.
(It seems that the rotting organic matter they eat in the wild can be toxic when ingested by people)

3) Remove the snail from its shell.
(Umm... ouch?)

4) Clean and gut the snail.
(OK.  Now that's getting weird.  How in the holy mollusk do you gut a snail?)

5) Cook in garlic butter or chicken stock.
(I'm not sure how you know when it's done. I don't see how it could change color, and it's sure not big enough for a thermometer)

6) Pour it back into its shell and serve.

Enjoy, but don't bother saving any for me.  I don't eat bait at breakfast.



  1. Your snail looks like it has a fang....I'm scared...really, relly scared..

  2. Bait before breakfast??? Nope don't think I ever have....

    but a nibble or two bout lunch time?

    Maybe a time or two.....

    just saying!!!!

  3. Deejo-
    That's the rabbits tongue. Are you making fun of my artistic ability?

    Mr. Daddy
    Sushi, caviar, salmon eggs, worms... all fish chow.


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