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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ranger Gives Bill The Run Around

Bill may give me grief about taking pictures for my multiple blogs.  And just for the record, I don't have ten or twenty blogs.  Just four-ish and I sometimes come over here and highjack their blog.

So, back to Bill griping about me taking pictures for blog purposes...he's just as bad.  He took some video of Ranger being a turd on pick up day and carelessly gave me a copy.  Like I'm not going to post it?  Of course I'm going to post it!  The video's not great, it's from Bill's digital camera and not a video camera, but I love to see Ranger move. --GunDiva

PS - I have no idea what the ticking is on the video. It's annoying, so I'd play it without the volume, you're not missing anything other than the blowing wind and annoying ticking.

PPS - I'm really sorry I was laughing too hard to get a picture of Bill on his butt in the mud.  I got in trouble from Mom for not getting a one!



    Sorry, every horseowner is chuckling and groaning in empathy.

    But GOLLY is he gorgeous running around! Love that little floating trot (known as the "nyah nyah you can't get me" move) at about the 30 second mark.

    Then stomping right back into riling up the other horses! What a stinker! :) Glad you got it on vid.

  2. Forty. Five. Minutes. It's like this each year when they come in from free-ranging. That mustang was in the wild for nine years, and he kind of remembers what it was like after not being ridden for a while. He'll be fine now, no more than a minute or two of "leave me alone".


  3. Gundiva - would you PLEASE hijack Bill's settings and make it so I can reply to his comments?

    Because we laughed our butts off at the last comment he left, but can't tell him so...

    Bill - I thought the tan lines caption was TOO PERFECT! And rather hysterical! I have laughed all 14 times I went back to read it! :)

  4. OK Rachel-
    I tried to do it myself. Maybe it will work...

  5. Rach - I broke into their blog and checked their settings; I think they are right now. Let us know if you still get the no-reply@blogger thing.


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