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Monday, May 10, 2010

Home Again, Jiggity Jog/Trot/Jog/Trot

Juanita and I brought our horses back up to Allenspark today.  We went down the mountain to the ranch they were staying at, and haltered them and brought them home.


  So, Juanita and the GunDiva haltered their horses in... oh...  20 seconds.  I spent about 45 minutes walking down my 20 year old mustang, Ranger.

  He would stay just out of reach, trotting back and forth and back and forth... little turd.  He goofed around long enough that Washoe broke his lead rope out of boredom (I think) and joined Ranger in his journey, at least until he got tired.  Ranger just never did.  Turd.

Finally got all four of them loaded into the trailer and home we went.

  Estes (GunDiva's horse) unloaded like an old pro.
  Washoe said "ME NEXT NOW!" and broke his lead rope (number two), and then stomped on my foot on his way out of the trailer. A passer-by got a good look at me being flung around by the dork horse, whilst hanging on to his halter and trying to give him the "stink-eye".
  Jessie backed out of the trailer like a champ.
  Ranger backed into the center pole in the back of the trailer not once, but twice trying to unload.  At least he didn't step on me.
  Mares two, geldings zero.

  Everybody made it into the pen while we replaced some poles that had broken over the winter, and tightened up the electric wire that runs around it.

  At one point I was trying to move a log/stump that had fallen during the winter.  I was standing in mud, and noticed that after I picked up the dead tree, I started sinking.  Very~Slowly~Sinking.  And leaning backwards.  Very~Slowing~Leaning~Backwards.  I found myself toppling over backwards in slow motion, and realizing I was going to be trapped under the log I was lifting, did what any sane man would do.  I shrieked at my step-daughter to "Put the camera away!  PUT THE CAMERA AWAY!!"   GunDiva has, like, ten or twenty blogs she writes for, and I didn't need to be immortalized in that particular position.  Fortunately, she was laughing too hard to take any pics.

Any-who, they are home now, it's snowing again, and I have every intention of taking my horse out for a ride tomorrow.  Turd.



  1. I guess I need to explain to hubby that in order to give a horse the "stink-eye", you need to be able to be eye-to-eye with the horse; not dangling below his chin just because you are strong enough to hang onto the halter. I guess my first job with Washoe this summer is explaining that the lead rope means, "You are NOT in charge; I am." He has grown more height and weight this winter and is full of himself. It should make for some fun times. I think I can quit laughing now from watching Ranger give Bill the run-around. They were on the mountain for 6 months and three days, which officially classifies him as 'wild' horse again-at least in his opinion!

  2. I'm seeing a snubbing post in Washoe's future. I call him Washoe the Wonder Idiot for a reason.


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