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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Our third ride of the season and we just HAD to go bareback - yes, HAD to - it's our favorite way to go!  (And yes, I am more than a little behind on my bloggin'; will try to catch up.)  It was a beautiful day and the horses were as happy as we were to get out of the pen.  So...just a couple pics to show you what it looks like up here without snow..................
Yes, I ride with a pad.  My horse produces soooo much heat, it's for protection.  She has a marvelous flat, comfortable back, but you can't sit it very long due to the heat coming off her!

A couple days later, my granddaughter, the Autobot, went riding with me.  She wanted to try my saddle, so it doesn't "quite" fit her.   After we got back she said, "Next time I think I'll go bareback."  A nice way of saying my saddle wasn't particularly comfortable for her. LOL



  1. Jealous! I'd rather have snow than rain!

    And my mom says bareback pads are just to keep your pants clean :)

    My girl is WAY more comfy without a saddle... and I can tell that my baby weight (yes, it's been 4 years, but who's counting?) keeps her more comfy too!

    So glad you guys are getting to ride - can't wait to join you!

    Soo... where do I set up our reservation? :)

  2. Rachel,
    Does that mean you get to come see us? Yeah! Check out our website and pick a room; if that room is available, it's yours, or we can find one similar. Email Bill: with the room you want.

    Pads are great for keeping the seat of your pants clean, but the bottoms still get pretty dusty 'cause my horses are always dirty. I don't believe in 'bathing' my horses; they are wild and only got rain baths in the wild, so that's what they still get.

  3. Oh that looks like so much fun!

    I always feel insecure using a bareback pad because it never seems to 'stick' and I feel like I'll roll off. I love to ride bareback in the winter time...nice warm heated horsie seat for my tushie! hehe!


  4. Lisa - I'm with you...I love to ride bareback in the winter. A nice, heated seat and if you throw your duster on and you're only 5' tall like me, only your toes are exposed, so the duster becomes a warm little cocoon.

  5. I LOVE Bareback riding. It's how I learned, and there's still nothing better than feeling the horse move under you.


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